About Us

Agro International was founded in 1995, It is a proprietorship concern by 1st generation Woman entrepreneur to manufacture innovative products.
Agro International is a manufacturing unit, which introduced the following products with its continuous expansion: -

  • 2002 - Easy-Flux (Eva bags/Low melting batch inclusion bags)
  • 2007 - Easy-Release (Semi Embossed Poly)
  • 2012 - Easy-Bond (Thermo Adhesive Film/Hot Melt Film)
  • 2013 – Easy-Wrap (Stretch Cling Film)
Most of the plant machinery process and composition are developed by state of art technology indigenously.
Agro International is an MSME unit certified by ISO 9001-2008. We are extremely thankful to our existing customers like J.K.Tyres, MRF, and Apollo Tyres etc. for their continuous support, motivation and valuable suggestions and advice for further technical excellence of our products.
The growth of the company and its turnover increased by 100% annually, which helped the company to undertake expansion. This was not possible without the dedication, hard work, motivation and teamwork of the individuals of the Agro family. Each one has its own unique contribution for the success of its brand products.


of working with AGRO INTERNATIONAL

  • Superior technical knowledge of the products.
  • Complete range of melting points available made from a wide variety of polymer films.
  • Flexibility in terms of small runs, short lead times, and custom bag sizes.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • We are recognized as a leading manufacturer and exporter of, batch inclusion bags and EVA film.
  • We supply to major tire producers, custom rubber mixers and rubber chemical suppliers, rubber hose manufactures, conveyor belts, packing of natural rubber, synthetics or reclaimed rubber bales, processors of tread rubber, tube & flaps throughout the world.